Distribution of released tokens

Token Sales and Airdrops
Project Marketing/Exchange Listing
The project team

Use of funds

Platform development
Legal expenses
Operating costs
Marketing and advertising
Other expenses
04 Roadmap

Milestones of the

The origin of the idea. Start the development of the platform

December, 2018

Development of business concept

January, 2019

Team building

March-May, 2019

Contract Completion

July, 2019


July-September, 2019


August-September, 2019

January, 2019

Web Development

March, 2019

Preparing Contract Technology

May, 2019

Preparing for the ICO

July, 2019

Further development of the ecosystem

September, 2019

Improving the marketing system
05 FAQ

Answers to the Most
Popular Questions

What does all of this mean?

STAYK is a unique token project which allows for a limited growth in supply while also featuring a 1% burn on all token transfers.

Why is STAYK raising money in a pre-sale?

Our goal is to achieve liquidity for STAYK token as quicjly as possible. This involves marketing and community support costs as well as potential listing fees for the more popular exchanges.

Where will the STAYK token go in the future?

Our intention is to show the world the potential of what can be done with digital currencies using the innovative technologies presentation in the crypo space.

What is Pre-sale?

This is a preliminary tour of the sale of our STAYK Tokens. We are offering for sale at a very low price, 3,000,000 STAYK tokens. The proceeds are for the marketing of STAYK token and exchange listing so that we can get liquidity for STAYK holders as quickly as possible.

How do I participate in the Pre-sale?

Just go to the top of the web site and enter the amount of ETH you want to use to purchase STAYK tokens. The form will calculate the number of STAYK tokens you will receive. You must use either Metamask or Trust Wallet to purchase from the website. You can also send ETH directly to the contract address and you will then receive your STAYK tokens directly in your wallet.

How long does the Pre-sale last?

The Pre-sale will end on Septmeber 30 or when the 3,000,000 STAYK hard cap is reached.

What makes STAYK unique?

The max supply of STAYK tokens is tied directly to the Ethereum network. The supply can never go above the current Ethereum Block number * 10. There is also a deflationary component to STAYK in that 1% of every token transfer is burned.

What currency can I use to buy STAYK tokens?

Right now you can use ETH to buy STAYK tokens. And soon you will be able to trade STAYK tokens on several exchanges using ETH.